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Long Term Care

Winner Regional Long Term Care is an 60 bed skilled nursing facility, with an 11 bed secured, Special Care Unit.

Resident Centered Care
At Winner Regional Long Term Care, our culture is that of a home-like atmosphere with “resident centered care” offering peace of mind to residents and their family members. The total well-being of the patient, which includes spiritual, physical and mental welfare, is the primary concern of those entrusted with the care of residents at our facility.

Restorative care is readily available at Winner Regional Health, providing therapy and exercises as needed. Socialization and activities galore are offered throughout the day in the LTC expanded activity program. As the facility is structurally and administratively connected to the hospital, immediate, quality care is always at hand.

The residents do not live in our workplace… we work in their home.

A commitment to resident centered care means our focus is not on a regimented medical model of care, but rather a home model in which the residents’ desires are the priority, with our nursing and medical staff offering the underlying healthcare support residents need.

Our residents decide when they wake up and go to bed, they choose their monthly menus and establish many of the events on their Activity Calendar. In general, our residents play a role in deciding how they live their lives.

Over the past few years, we have provided our residents with opportunities to pilot an airplane, ride horses, visit the pool halls in town, eat at local restaurants and attend livestock auctions – basically, continue to be a part of their community.

Long Term Care Contact

To learn more about Winner Regional Health’s Long Term Care services or to arrange a tour, please feel free to contact our Social Services Department at

(605) 842-7221.


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Our Resident Rooms
Hospital Bed

As we strive to make our residents feel at home as much as possible, each resident is provided with his/her own spacious room and bathroom. This includes a bed, bedside stand, private wardrobe, entertainment center and scenic window looking out on our well-groomed lawns. We encourage outdoor activity and provide our residents safe sidewalks and a tranquil patio offering outdoor seating, a fountain and flower/vegetable planters.
Each room has space for residents to bring in numerous personal items so their room feels as much like home as possible.

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