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Outpatient Wound Care

Some wounds won’t heal on their own. Wound care is a medical specialty focused on treating all wounds.

Our considerate and knowledgeable wound care department strives to treat all wounds. Our Wound Care team helps patients with all types of acute, chronic and slow-healing wounds, including: ulcers, burns, infections, traumatic, surgical, diabetic, and pressure injuries. Our goal is to provide high quality patient centered wound care through a collaboration of clinical practice, education, and research to treat the whole patient.


“Step into healing, don’t let your wounds slow you down.”


Our wound care team will utilize a variety of advance wound care treatment such as:

· Assessment

· Debridement

· Topical Wound therapy

· Biologic Tissue therapy

· Dressing Selection

· Compression Therapy

· Ostomy Therapy

· Patient Education

Our team collaborates well with:

· Outside Referring Providers

· Podiatry

· Vascular Therapy

· Intra Facility Referring Providers


To schedule your appointment or for more information, please call


Outpatient Wound Care Hours

Monday—Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

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