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Speaking Practice

Speech Therapy

Communication enables us to connect with others. It’s needed to learn, to earn a living, and to fulfill our basic wants and needs.


“A person’s ability to communicate effectively is something that’s easy to take for granted until it’s compromised.”


The causes of speech and language problems that begin for the first time in adulthood can vary. They include brain injury, stroke, and diseases that affect the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. They can also stem from cancers of the head and neck, breathing problems, and vocal cord injury.

Know the Signs of a
Communication Disorder

  • Problems saying sounds correctly

  • Slurred or slowed rate of speech

  • Struggles to get out sounds or words

  • Repetition of sounds, words, or parts of words

  • Trouble thinking of the words you want to say

  • Problems expressing what you want or need

  • Trouble following directions or conversations

  • Difficulty understanding what others say

  • New trouble reading, writing, spelling, or using numbers

  • Changes in voice (e.g., hoarse, raspy, breathy, nasal, or low-volume voice)

Some adults may develop swallowing problems from the same illnesses or injuries that can cause communication disorders.

Know the Signs of a
Swallowing Disorder

  • Trouble moving food from the mouth to the throat

  • Coughing during or right after eating or drinking

  • Feeling like food is stuck in the throat

  • Pain or discomfort during eating or drinking



“It’s important to remember that eating and drinking are not only necessary for us to live but also are often at the center of our social gatherings.”

Know the signs of a disorder, and the availability of help from a certified speech-language pathologist.

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