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Our Mission

Wheelchair Guidance


To improve the quality of life in our region by providing comprehensive healthcare in a local, nurturing environment. Through professionals who consider healthcare a calling, we will exceed the expectations of those we serve. Our role as a committed steward to our region will be sustained through fiscal responsibility, ensuring personalized healthcare for generations to come.


Winner Regional will be the healthcare provider of choice for our region, addressing the comprehensive needs of those we serve. This will be accomplished through the diverse, yet strategically aligned services Winner Regional Healthcare Center provides. We will also seek and retain quality talent in order to provide excellence. Through the personalized and compassionate care given, everyone will sense the pride employees have in working for our community owned organization.

All Hands In


Our values are Honesty, Expertise, Approachability, Respect, and Teamwork –  HEART.

Honesty – We will do the right thing at all times, even if it is difficult, maintaining strong, ethical practices. We protect the confidentiality of others, including patients, staff and the facility as a whole.  We will take responsibility for our actions.

Expertise – We will demonstrate superior judgment, training and skill, at all times, demonstrating professionalism while doing so. We will perform all aspects of our job to the best of our ability, utilizing all resources and tools available.

Approachability – We will be non-judgmental, friendly, and open and willing to listen to everyone we come into contact with while performing our duties. We are humble and learn from others.

Respect – We will be understanding and sensitive to others’ feelings; caring and responding in a manner that sets them at ease, keeping the situation in perspective without minimizing others’ feelings or reactions.  We will listen to others with full attention in a sincere, civil fashion, being careful not to be judgmental of the speaker.  We maintain composure when facing conflict and avoid jumping to conclusions and defaming another’s name.

Teamwork – We willingly work together with a common approach, trusting and supporting members of our organization, using our skills and resources, sharing information to achieve a common aim.

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