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Dr. Derek Zukosky


Winner Regional Health is fortunate to obtain the experience of Dr. Zukosky. He is well recognized as one of the most highly trained and experienced robotic surgeons in the Denver area. Dr. Zukosky specializes in robotic prostatectomies and is also the medical director of robotic surgery at St. Anthony Hospital. He received his fellowship in urologic laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery and earned his certification in da Vinci robotic surgery. During his career, he has performed more than 500 robotic prostatectomies. He is known for his osteopathic training, providing patients with effective evidence-based treatments; all while focusing on long-term prevention and wellness. Dr. Zukosky brings the cutting-edge in medical treatments while providing a warm and personal manner to all his patients. As a general urologist, he takes great pride in helping patients with any type of urological problem. Winner Regional Health is pleased that he is part of the team in our out-patient clinic to ensure the highest quality of services for patients in the Winner and surrounding areas.

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