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Winner Regional Health Celebrates 75 Years: A Testament to Dedication and Community Care

Gladys Harter's journey with Winner Regional Health stands as a testament to the hospital's commitment to community care. Not only has Gladys spent time at Winner Regional as a patient, she also was formally employed by Winner Regional Health. Having transitioned from an aide to an X-ray technician in her younger years, Gladys's deep-rooted connection with Winner Regional echoes the hospital's pivotal role in her life.

Winner Regional Health, marking its 75th anniversary, has been an integral part of Gladys's life, offering her the essential care she needs, close to home. For Gladys, who doesn't drive, the hospital's local presence has been a lifeline, ensuring convenient access to quality healthcare.

Recalling her experiences at Winner Regional Health, Gladys fondly reminisces about an elderly nurse who tended to the nursery during her children's births. While she doesn’t remember her name, Gladys praised the nurse for the exceptional care she provided to both the infants and the mothers, creating lasting memories of compassion and support.

Gladys remarked, "I think Winner (Regional) can do what any other place can do, maybe even better." Her belief mirrors the hospital's commitment to excellence, assuring the community of its capabilities in delivering exceptional healthcare in our rural area. As Winner Regional Health celebrates its 75th anniversary, Gladys Harter's remarkable journey serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring bond between the hospital and the community it serves.

Gladys Harter and Physical Therapist Michael DiGrazia

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